Good coffee for good people!

Gone are my days of buying coffee that didn’t satisfy me. I wasn’t satisfied with the taste of some of the coffee I was buying, and then I realized that I had little knowledge of where it came from, the quality, and the freshness. So I decided to focus on the the things that make me happy: good coffee and good people. With KAB Coffee, I am trying to slow things down a bit and give good people the opportunity to take a deep breath and sip a well deserved, satisfying cup of fresh coffee.

Why can you feel good about coffee from KAB? You can feel good knowing that I am not attempting to make boatloads of money with this adventure. All profits (if any) will go towards buying more coffee that gets to good people and starting a small college fund for my family. Coffee for the kids! That’s where the name KAB originated, initials of my three amazing children.

KAB buys top quality green coffee from trusted sources that farm with integrity. The coffee is roasted to bring out the best possible fruitful flavor that blossoms from quality coffee plants. We prefer medium and light small batch roasts that bring out the most unique flavors.There are a lot of excellent coffees out there so I encourage you to keep trying and searching for what works for you. I don’t claim to be a coffee expert, but I’m learning from other good people who are!

Give us a try and please spread the word to other good people!